Yotogi no Kuni no Gekkouhime (Chapter 1)

Seraphic here, of Ebisu Translations.

So, uh, isekai yuri gender-bender. That’s where you’re at.

Cloud seemed pretty excited about getting this translated, and seeing as Madani over at Terminus is still busy with CtG[1] and there’s yet to be any news from the translator who supposedly got permission to make an English fan translation several years ago, I’ll be translating it.

This is the webnovel version, not the light novel; I don’t know what, if any, differences there are between the two.[2]

As with most projects on this site, please feel free to pick this up. However, if no one else does, I’ll likely continue releasing chapters, just very slowly.

Anyway, I’ve re-translated the first chapter, click this sentence to go there.

I’ve got the second chapter translated but unedited, so I’ll try to get that up this week. No promises, though.

Unrelated to the novel, but the author’s Twitter has lots of videos of their adorable pets.[3]

[1] But you can find their Chapter 1 teaser at terminustranslations.wordpress.com/yotogi-no-kuni-no-gekkou-hime-trail
[2] But you can always feel free to support the author by buying the novel.
[3] https://twitter.com/aono_umidori